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Work with us 

With 3,602 kilometers of railroad, Belgium has one of the busiest rail networks in Europe. And it's only getting bigger and busier. To keep all our passengers moving safely and sustainably, we’re looking for new team members.

Take charge of your career

As soon as you start working with us, you learn the tricks of the trade at Infrabel Academy. We then continue to follow you and evolve together. Do you want to for example advance internally, or go in a new direction within our company? It’s all possible! 

Grow at your own pace

Sure, you’re driven and you love your job. But life is about more than just work. There's your family, friends, sports and hobbies for example. A healthy work/life balance makes people happy. That’s why we offer you the flexibility and the space to live and work according to your own rhythm.

Tomorrow’s transport

Public transport is a sustainable transport method with a positive influence on the environment and on society. So the more people who choose to take the train, the better. And that choice is based on a state-of-the art railway network. That’s why we want to make our Belgian railways even bigger, better, safer, more modern and more sustainable than they already are. Digitalization brings 1,001 possibilities with it. To fully seize its potential, we need your smarts. 

We’re there for everyone

Infrabel, a man’s world? No way! We recruit women and men of all origins, ages and backgrounds. Talent goes for us because we offer equal pay, extensive training opportunities, attention to well-being at work, short commutes, healthy work/life balance, and lots more.

Jobs with impact

All our job openings have an impact: on the environment, on the economy, on society and even on our planet. By working for the railways, you’re contributing to tomorrow’s transport. Your dedication is therefore invaluable to society. Not only are our jobs innovative, so is our company. Infrabel is an employer of today. We realize that you have a whole life next to your job. That’s why we offer you enough free time through flexible hours, night and weekend work.