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Are you a teacher looking to familiarize your pupils with safety rules in and around the train station? Or on the tracks and railroad crossings? We’ll gladly lend you a hand! Find out more about our tools for primary and secondary school kids. 

 Big School Calendar 

We use the Big School Calendar to make the youngest road users aware of the potential dangers at railroad crossings and along the train tracks. That’s why primary school teachers receive a copy at the start of the new school year. After ten years the calendar has become a classroom mainstay.

Game book on railway safety

In the game book you’ll find 16 pages full of crossword riddles, labyrinth games, sudoku puzzles, a safety quiz, and more. Kids learn while playing what they can and can’t do around the tracks. By the time your pupils have finished all the games in the book, they’ll be able to call themselves true railway safety experts!


Put together your own lesson with the help of this pedagogical kit and teach your pupils (from 6 to 12 years) everything about safety rules at railroad crossings and along the train tracks. With five fun modules such as a giant goose board and board game, you can personalize your kit based on the number of participants, age and so on.